How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana is all the rage in the 14 states that have it legalized, but it’s quite difficult to attain a medical marijuana card if you don’t know exactly what loopholes you have to go to through to get it.

Your first step is to determine whether you’re in one of the 14 states that have medical marijuana.
Next, you need to decide if you have one of the medical conditions that are treatable for medical marijuana. You may notice that some of these conditions have some thin boundaries, like depression for example. So it may be easier than some other conditions to persuade your doctor that you need medical marijuana.
After you’ve decided whether your medical condition is treatable by medical marijuana you will need to contact your doctor about it. If your doctor is a good doctor he will help you decide what is right for you as well as the pros and cons of medical marijuana, the benefits you may receive from it as well as all the laws surrounding it in your states, like how many plants you can have, etc, and what the next steps are to help you procure your medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, due to the legality issues with medical marijuana on the Federal level a majority of doctors will not advocate it or give you a prescription for it, but lucky for you there are sites online that can help you find medical marijuana doctors. The one that I have linked to is just for California, but you can do a Google search for medical marijuana doctor + your state to help you find directories of doctors that will be glad to help in your quest for medical marijuana.
Get your doctor to write a statement and/or prescription that he recommends medical marijuana to treat your ailment. If your doctor will not give you a statement contact the THC Foundation, they have several medical cannabis clubs in different states that support medical marijuana and will be able to help you either find a doctor, or get your statement from your doctor.
You will also need to check with your county/state office to figure out if you need any additional documentation to get your medical marijuana card. Some places will ask for proof of residency while others will need to verify your ID.
Once you have all that in order go to a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase your medicine. Eat or smoke and enjoy your high quality medical cannabis.

Medical marijuana is just the first step to legalization. Marijuana is not a drug, it’s a plant and should be treated like the rest of the plants and herbs, especially since it is so beneficial to treating painful medical conditions.


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